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Wireless Data Plan Costs Survey 2018


Wireless Data Plan Costs Survey 2018
  1. Do you have expensive Wireless Data Plans?
  2. Do you use your smartphone primarily for video communications?
  3. Frustrations with your accessibility plan with wireless companies?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this new survey is for you!
Please take 15-25 minutes to answer questions.

Online version available in 4 Languages & Deaf-Blind Accessible.

English/ASL Survey Link:

English/ASL Deaf-Blind Link:

If you wish to have a text survey in MS Word (or Adobe Acrobat PDF) format, please feel free to e-mail to for a replying e-mail with a survey in attachment in document format.

These following organizations thank you for your participation to help us respond to the CRTC TNC 2018-98:
Our partnering group (DWCC et al) appreciates the time you take to fill this survey out, as the goal is to collect evidence that Wireless Data Plan costs continue to be a challenge for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of hearing ASL and LSQ Canadians.

When sharing on social media, please use these hashtags:

#WirelessDataPlanCosts #DeafWirelessCanada #ASLandLSQCanada 

Thank you from DWCC et al

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

National AccessAbility Week 2018 | We are fast approaching National AccessAbility Week 2018, which runs from May 27 – June 2, 2018. This Week celebrates the contributions of people with disabilities and impairments, their communities and workplaces.

AANM at the Forks for book Reading for children between 1 - 3 pm will ASL

AANM will be at the Forks this coming up Saturday.
Share with members:
AANM at the Forks for book Reading for children between 1 - 3 pm will ASL

You Are Her(e) by Angela Chalmers

Please feel free to share with any individuals/families or artists in your community that  may want to join us this Saturday.


Accessibility Symposium, 8:30 am – Noon, June 12, 2018
Main Floor, Viscount Gort, Winnipeg
The event is free, the learning is priceless.

Understand accessibility from the perspective of Manitobans requiring customer service and those delivering it, moderated by Janet Steward, CBC News:

Learn why accessibility is embraced by large Manitoba retailers such as IKEA, small non-profit organizations like the Woodland Pioneer Museum, and other business associations. 

Hear personal stories from Manitobans like Brandon University Student, Whitney Hodgins:  “The Accessibility for Manitobans Act is a bid for accepting people for who they are.  Inclusion needs acceptance in order for it to work.” 

Receive new tools and lessons from keynote speaker Alfred Spencer, who will explain how The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005) has paved the way toward accessibility. 

This year’s program gives special consideration to businesses and organizations that must comply with the Customer Service Standard by November 2018.  

Following the symposium, the DIO will host a Lunch and Learn on the topic of “procurement” (contracting services) to build organizational accessibility.  The capacity is 30 persons, so please register soon.

Hope to see you there!

Ask us about the new accessibility standard affecting your business in November 2018 and how we can help.

Winnipeg Church of the Deaf celebrates its 100 years! | Join us at Camp Kakepitay | 3 August 2018 - 6 August 2018

Hello everyone,

The Winnipeg Church of the Deaf (WCD) with be hosting an event at Camp Kakepitay to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.

It will be held from Friday, August 3rd (after 3:00 pm) until Monday, August 6th (before 12:30 pm).

I will be the chair person for the event and we are currently looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please contact me at

Please read below or the attachment for more information and to register for the event.
 Thanks, Mar Koskie


New AODA Alliance Video Reveals Serious Accessibility Problems at New and Renovated Toronto Public Transit Stations


Grassroots Disability Coalition's Powerful New Video Shows Serious Accessibility Problems at New and Recently Renovated Public Transit Stations in Toronto, As the Future of Accessibility for 1.9 Million Ontarians with Disabilities Looms as an Ontario Election Issue

May 15, 2018 Toronto: As part of its effort to raise disability issues in the Ontario election, the AODA Alliance today makes public a striking new online video that reveals serious disability accessibility barriers in several new and recently renovated Toronto-area public transit stations, built with public money. This includes the six new TTC stations from Downsview Park to Vaughn Metropolitan Centre, the new Union-Pearson Express line's Weston and Bloor stations, and the new Go Transit concourse at Union Station.

AODA Alliance Chair David Lepofsky guides you on a tour of barriers that hurt people with blindness, low vision, mobility disabilities, dyslexia, balance issues, fatiguing conditions, cognitive disabilities and more. These include problems with such things as train platforms, stairs, elevators, doors, ramps, signage, and more.

Short 16 minute version:

Long 30 minute version:

"With politicians making election promises to spend huge sums on public infrastructure, 1.9 million Ontarians with a physical, mental, sensory or other disability want to know what Ontario's next Government will do to ensure that new public transit stations are never built with accessibility barriers like those we expose in this new video, especially when spending public money," said David Lepofsky, chair of the non-partisan AODA Alliance which spearheads advocacy on accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities. "Last year, our last online video went viral, which exposed serious accessibility problems at the new Ryerson University Student Learning Centre. People cannot believe that in the 21st century, new disability barriers are still being created in our built environment. We're hoping our new video will help drive candidates in this election to make strong commitments for new action to strengthen and breathe new life into Ontario's laws on accessibility for people with disabilities. "

Most people mistakenly think all new buildings in Ontario must be accessible to people with disabilities, and that design professionals like architects must be properly trained on accessible design. This video disproves both.

In the June 7 Ontario election, the AODA Alliance is pressing the parties for pledges on disability accessibility, not just in the built environment but in all aspects of Ontario life. The AODA Alliance will soon make public the responses received.

"We're poised to leap into social media like Twitter to spread the word on our new video, as part of our election blitz, using the hashtag #DisabilityVoteCounts," said Lepofsky "Ontario is now behind schedule for becoming fully accessible to people with disabilities by 2025, the deadline that Ontario's Disabilities Act requires. We're asking candidates for Premier to tell us what they will do to get Ontario back on schedule. This video shows in jaw-dropping detail why this is important for all Ontarians. Everyone has a disability now or is bound to get one later, as they age!"

All, including the media, are free to link to or broadcast this video. This video has audio description for persons with vision loss and captioning for persons with hearing loss.

Contact: David Lepofsky, Twitter: @aodaalliance @davidlepofsky

Helpful Background Links

2017 AODA Alliance video on accessibility problems at Ryerson University's Student Learning Centre:
12 minute version:
30 minute version:

2016 AODA Alliance video on accessibility problems at the new Centennial College Culinary Arts Centre
5 minute version:
18 minute version:

More on the AODA Alliance's non-partisan blitz to raise disability accessibility issues in the June 2018 Ontario election is available at:

More on the AODA Alliance's campaign for accessibility in the built environment is at:

More on the AODA Alliance's efforts to make transportation accessible in Ontario is at

All the news on the AODA Alliance's multi-year campaign for accessibility in Ontario is at:

2018 AEIP Appreciation BBQ | Come and Join! | 23 May 2018 | 5PM - 7PM