Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc Board

Board of Directors


The Corporation shall be known as Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc, hereinafter called DCM.

Board of Directors:

The Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc Board shall be active or associate members in good standing of the Manitoba Deaf Association. The Board acts as a whole in developing the policy for the organization and shall oversee the legal, financial and program responsibilities of DCM. By law, these directors are accountable for the oversee of Deaf Resource Centre. The current 2019/2020 Board of Directors are:

Board of Directors 2019-20
Doug Momotiuk, Chairperson
Doug McKechnie, Vice-Chairperson 
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer - Vacant
Sheila Montney
Sam Lantz
Sarah Halek

Human Resources Committee
Doug McKechnie
Sheila Montney
Doug Momotiuk (ex-officio)

Operations and Finance Committee
Sam Lantz
Sheila Montney

Doug Momotiuk (ex-officio)
Nicole Revoy (Staff)

Senior Management:
Service Coordinator:     Nicole Revoy