Holiday Promo - Communication Devices List

Holiday Promo:

William Sounds Pocket Talker 2.0- $249.95

Bellman Maxi Personal Amplifier-$215.99

Vitasound All in One Personal Audio Enhancer PAE-300-$139.95

I Love You Wireless Bed Shaker-SmartShaker2-$39.99

Sonic Boom Travel Alarm Clock-$35.00

Clarity Wake Assure-$67.00

Vitasound TV Personal Enhancer-PAE 200-$129.00

TV Ears 5.0 Infrared TV Listening System-$219.95

Bellman Safe Pack1-$342.00

Lifetone HL Bedside Firealarm and Clock-$$199.95

Kiddie Remote Visual Signaling Device-Hardwired-$51.99

Panasonic KX-TGM470-$149.99

Clarity Alto Plus-53 dB Corded phone-$155.95

Clarity XLC3-4+ - 50dB Cordless-$169.00

Communication Devices Product
(prices includes GST)
**Prices will be subject to change without notice**

Clarity Alertmaster AL10 with Door Button & Bed Shaker $220.45

Kiddie Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Hardwired)-$47.25

Kiddie Remote Visual Signalling Device $73.50

Kiddie Smoke Alarm $26.25

Kiddie Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm $68.25

TV Ears 5.0 Mhz Infrared TV Listening System $251.95

Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker $83.95

Sonic Boom White Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker  $118.59

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock (with built in receiver for Bellman transmitters) with Bed Shaker  $292.90

Clarity Audio Alarm $78.70

Clarity Baby Sound Monitor $78.70

Clarity Door Announcer $78.70
Clarity Door Knocker $78.70

Bellman Visit Doorbell and Intercom Transmitter $128.05

Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm Transmitter $307.60

Bellman Visit Baby-cry Transmitter $197.35

Bellman Visit Portable Receiver $194.20

Bellman Visit Bed Shaker $42.70

Bellman Visit Flash Receiver $264.55

Bellman Visit Pager Receiver  $307.60

Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler $71.40

Sonic Alert Universal Sound Signaler $77.70
Sonic Alert Desktop Remote Receiver $77.70

Sonic Alert Strobe Receiver $77.70

Sonic Alert Remote Receiver  $72.45