Communication Devices List

Communication Devices Product
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**Prices will be subject to change without notice**

Clarity Dialogue Voice Carry Over (VCO) Telephone $344.40

Clarity Alertmaster AL10 with Door Button & Bed Shaker $209.94

Clearsounds CSC1000 FreedomTalk Corded 55db Telephone with Answering Machine $199.45

Kiddie Carbon Monoxide Alarm $52.50

Kiddie Remote Visual Signalling Device $73.50

Kiddie Smoke Alarm $26.25

Kiddie Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm $68.25

TV Ears 2.3 Mhz Infrared TV Listening System $136.45

Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker $73.45

Sonic Boom Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock 

Sonic Boom White Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker  $89.20

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock (with built in receiver for Bellman transmitters) with Bed Shaker  $248.80

Clarity Alertmaster AMPX Personal Signaler $125.94

Clarity Door Button $52.45
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Clarity Audio Alarm $60.85

Clarity Baby Sound Monitor $60.85

Clarity Door Announcer $60.85
Clarity Door Knocker $60.85

Bellman Visit Doorbell and Intercom Transmitter $119.65

Bellman Visit Smoke Alarm Transmitter $171.10

Bellman Visit Baby-cry Transmitter $183.70

Bellman Visit Portable Receiver $188.95

Bellman Visit Bed Shaker $35.65

Bellman Visit Flash Receiver $233.60

Bellman Visit Pager Receiver  $283.45

Sonic Alert Doorbell Signaler $104.95

Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler $52.45

Sonic Alert Universal Sound Signaler $57.70
Sonic Alert Desktop Remote Receiver $57.70

Sonic Alert Strobe Receiver $57.70

Sonic Alert Remote Receiver  $52.45

Sonic Alert Adjustable Remote Horn $52.45