Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Canada's Day Fun activities information

Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc Board & staff wishes you all a happy Canada's Day!!

Here is the resource information for Canada's Day fun activities:

You can click or copy & paste to see full information on many places for Canada's Day like Assiniboine Park, The Forks, Obsorne area, etc

Special announcement from SRV Canada VRS about expanding hours again!

Special announcement from Canadian Adminstrator of Video Relay Services (CAVRS):

We’re expanding our service hours... again!

Beginning July 3rd, you will be able to make VRS calls starting 3 hours earlier in the day, (Monday to Friday) all across the country.

New Morning Hours
Monday to Friday

Pacific Time

am -
Mountain Time

am -
Central Time

am -
Eastern Time

am -
Atlantic Time

am -
Newfoundland Time

am -
Also, Saturday and Sunday VRS hours are now 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities Saving Circle Information available!!

Important information from Government of Canada about Smoke Detector!


Please read this information from Government of Canada Website about Smoke Detectors in your home. They encourage you to replace it every 10 years. There are new and update smoke detectors now than many years ago. Please replace it right away if it is over 10 years.

This information is from Gov't of Canada website:

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors save lives. It is important to put smoke detectors in the right places in your home. You should also test them regularly to make sure that they work properly. You can minimize your family's risk of fire-related injury or death by installing the right number of smoke detectors in the right places in your home, and by keeping them all in good working order.
  • Install smoke detectors outside each bedroom and sleeping area, and on each level of your home, including the basement.
  • Read and follow every step of the manufacturer's directions when you install your smoke detectors.
  • Test your smoke detectors every month to make sure that they are working properly.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions for cleaning your smoke detectors.
  • Change the batteries as often as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Replace any smoke detector that is more than ten years old.
  • Investigate any false alarms, and have an escape plan in case of a real fire.
Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Thursday, 22 June 2017

CBC News with Sheila Montney & Dennis Zimmer about Video Relay Services (VRS)


CBC Manitoba News had a show on the television to show what is Video Relay Services (VRS). Please click or copy & paste to see the CBC news. The show about VRS is about ten minutes from the beginning of the show.

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Article from CBC- Video Relay Service a new Technnology!

Hello ,

Please see the link- about educating hearing people what Video Relay Services is all about.

It will be showing on CBC tonight.

Sheila Montney
Executive Director

Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Monday, 19 June 2017

Important message from Barrier Free Manitoba & Education Solutions Manitoba- Encourage you to sign up!!

Barrier Free Manitoba and Education Solutions Manitoba  is lobbying the government to establish an Accessible Education standard  under the new Accessibility for Manitobans Act.
If you believe Manitoba should set up a standard that ensures accessible education for ALL, click on the link below and sign your name. SHARE AWAY! We need as many “signatures” as possible!

The letter to Minister Fielding, along with a quick and easy to use way for individuals and organizations to 'sign on' as an undersigned, has been posted online at:

This site also provides basic background info on why the letter was developed for visitors who may not have had an extensive involvement in this particular issue. The site also encourages organizations and individuals to ‘sign on’ before June 30th when the letter and the first list of undersigneds will be delivered to the Minister. As some organizations and individuals, who are generally supportive of improving accessibility in our educational systems, will require additional time to make the decision to support the letter and its request, we will continue gathering support over the coming months.

Help lever the power of social media by ‘liking' and ‘sharing' FaceBook posts about the letter on BFM’s FaceBook page ( and retweeting tweets BFM makes about the letter on our Twitter account ( )Our posts and tweets started last week and will continue through to the end of next week. As David Lepofsky said, social media is an increasingly powerful tool that can support change processes.)

As value added, I also wanted to draw your attention to two additional resources. First, BFM has posted information about the letter and the request for an accessible education standard on our web site at:

If you find this information helpful, please feel free to share it with others. At the very least, it may provide some comfort to those who are unfamiliar with BFM’s strong and effective non-partisan work over the last 8+ years in advancing disability and human rights.

Second, I have attached a recent national study conducted by the Canadian Human Rights Commission that was released earlier this year. The study focused only students with disabilities in high schools, colleges and universities. The report, Left Out: Challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Canada’s schools, concludes that:

The results of this study show that significant proportions of Canadians with disabilities are facing systemic social and institutional barriers to a quality education. These barriers are having a negative impact on the educational attainment, training, employment, career path and overall well-being of Canadians with disabilities.

Here’s what Marie-Claude Landry, Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, had to say in reference to the study's key findings.

“In a knowledge-based economy, where education is paramount, it is shocking that still today so many students with disabilities end their education because of the sheer difficulty they experience in getting an education. How can our society support all students in realizing their full potential when getting an education is a daily battle against social exclusion, avoidance and bullying?” (excerpted from

In closing, I know that the end of June is a very busy time for lots of people. But we have a very time limited opportunity before us to promote positive and lasting change.

So PLEASE do all that you can to help move this critically important agenda ahead.


Patrick Falconer

Consultant to the Barrier-Free Manitoba Steering Committee

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KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

New Executive Director at Prairie Children's Centres Inc - June 19th, 2017


I would like to inform you all that Prairie Children's Centres Inc have hired a new Executive Director- Kathnie Gagnon.

She will start her new position on Monday, June 19th.

I will inform you what is her email address once she resume her position so you can contact her if you want to add your child to Prairie Children's Centres Inc -Pembina at Deaf Centre Manitoba.

Thank you,
Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

THANK YOU message from Rick Zimmer, Coordinator from AEIP & DSP with ASL Vlog


Here is the ASL Vlog from Rick Zimmer, Coordinator from American Sign Language and English Interpretation (AEIP)  and Deaf Studies Program (DSP) to say THANK YOU to Deaf Community in Manitoba:

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

Revised Notice for Manitoba Deaf Sports Association (MDSC) Annual General Meeting- June 15th!!!


Manitoba Deaf Sports Association AGM    
Thursday June 15, 2017 - 6:30 pm
Sports Manitoba - Conference Room A
145 Pacific Avenue

Questions - please do email at
NOTE:  Parking is difficult to find due to the construction around Sports Manitoba - please allow yourself some ample time to arrive. 

Manitoba Deaf Darts Club AGM
Monday June 19, 2017 at 6pm
Deaf Centre Manitoba
285 Pembina Hwy
Questions - please do email at


Manitoba School for the Deaf
Wednesday May 31, 2017
Boston Pizza - 6 pm
Portage & Moray
Admission: $10.00

Canada Deaf Games 2018
Saturday July 8, 2017
Assiniboia Downs - 5:30 pm
3975 Portage Avenue
Ukrainian Supper
Admission: $22.00
Questions - please do email at

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

ATTENTION: For Celebration of 200 years of ASL- Please go to CMHR before 6 pm!!!


It has come to my attention that if you want to attend Canadian Museum of Human Rights tonight to celebrate 200 years of ASL, PLEASE show up before 6pm as the presentation will starts at 6:30 PM.

For people who can't make it, you can go to Red River College website to find livestreaming video at CMHR.

All you have to type : and go to search and type "Live streaming". From there you should be able to watch there from home. If not then type "AEIP or DSP" and see if it is there in this area.

I am very sorry that I do not have full information with step by step but hopefully you can find it. 

Sheila Montney
Executive Director
Deaf Centre Manitoba Inc

ATTENTION: Additional important note about Len Mitchell's retirement party- Thursday, June 1st, 2017

ATTENTION: PLEASE RSVP Darlene Scott at Manitoba School for the Deaf FIRST if you want to attend. You need to buy tickets that is worth of $15.00 in order to attend this special party! Thanks!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Celebrate 200 years of ASL with ASL Vlog!

Notice of ECCOE Annual General Meeting- June 5th, 2017

ECCOE Annual Meeting Notice

Notice of Annual General Meeting
June 5th, 2017
7:00 pm

Deaf Centre Manitoba Affleck Room
285 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nominations must be received no later than May 5th, 2017. Mail the nomination to ECCOE Office with Attention -Tim Dans, Nominating Chairperson or email

i.             Nominations must be in writing
ii.            Be supported by 2 residents of Manitoba
iii.           Be received at the ECCOE Head Office

Attention:  Nominating Committee
Room 200 – One Forks Market Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 4L9

The agenda and minutes will be available through the DRC social media after May 23rd, 2017.

Please RSVP to or sign up at the Forks so that we can have an accurate number of participants. Refreshments will be provided.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Winnipeg Church of the Deaf (WCD) Spring Bake Sale- April 30th,2017

Social Action for LGBTQ Chechens


please let folks know they are welcome to our event, and that ASL interpretation is available. Media will also be at this event. See attached link and photos.

Tara Sheppard

Notice of Manitoba Deaf Sport Association (MDSA) & Manitoba Deaf Darts Club (MDDC) Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting:
Manitoba Deaf Sports Association
Deaf Centre Manitoba-Affleck Room
285 Pembina Hwy 
Questions - please do email
PS: I understand this day is Father's Day however, Sports Committee approved this date and time. 
Annual General Meeting:
Manitoba Deaf Darts Club
Deaf Centre Manitoba
285 Pembina Hwy 
Questions - please do email at 

Thank you

Shawna Joynt
MDSA Vice-President 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Reaching E-Quality Employment Services (REES) News!

Reaching E-quality Employment Services (REES) would like to announce that they have hired Barbara Easter to work along with Usha Speers. If you do not know who is Barbara Easter, please see her biography below. 

Barbara Easter - Bio
I grew up in a farm in Finland, where life was simple. I was connected to the Deaf Community in Finland. I learned the importance of hard work and to give my body the necessary rest it needed to operate effectively on a daily basis. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Deaf Culture Pastoral Studies from North Central University in Minneapolis.
I am presently a wife, mom, pastor, and am an advocate for Deaf individuals in the community. I have over 10 years working in a counselling setting; teaching and counselling families, youth and adults.
I moved to Canada in 1998 and have been involved in the Deaf Community as a pastor with the Calvary Temple Deaf Fellowship Church since 2010. I have a passion for building relationships within the Deaf Community, as I myself am a person who is Deaf. My values lie in the importance of hard work, preparation and planning, and respect for others. My values, Deaf cultural and language background will be beneficial when empowering Deaf individuals in meeting their Employment Goals.

If you want to look for a job, please contact REES- Usha Speer ( Will announce Barbara's work email soon once they are set up with her.


Sign of the times - Winnipeg Free Press article on Friday, April 21st, 2017

Camp Kakepitay May Long Weekend 2017- Membership & Registration form are now available!!

** For your information, May Long weekend Registration & membership are now available to pick up at Deaf Resource Centre Bulletin Board **

Winnipeg Church of the Deaf (WCD) May & June 2017 News

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Job opportunity for BC School for the Deaf - Prinicipal!

Notice of Manitoba Deaf Curling Club (MDCC) Annual General Meeting - May 18th, 2017

Annual General Meeting:

Manitoba Deaf Curling Club 
Thursday, May 18/17 at 6pm
Sports Manitoba in Theatre Room
(145 Pacific Avenue) 

Questions- please do email at

Thank you
Shawna Joynt

MDCC President 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Manitoba Catholic Church of the Deaf (MCCD) - Good Friday Service- April 14th

Manitoba Catholic Church of the Deaf (MCCD)

April 14th, 2017

3:00 pm.
Deaf Centre Manitoba, Fiola Room


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Winnipeg Police Services News Release- Fraud Warning- Taxation Scam!

Winnipeg Police Service

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fraud Warning - Taxation Scam
Winnipeg Police continue to receive reports of attempts at phone-based Tax Scam.
The fraudsters will contact the victim pretending to be the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or in some cases a police officer.  The fraudsters will try to obtain your personal information and will then tell you that you have outstanding taxes.  Unfortunately they are often very aggressive even going as far as saying that they have the police at the victim’s residence to arrest them or a family member if they do not pay immediately.  Winnipeg Police are aware that in at least one case the fraudsters “spoofed” the victim’s home phone number when calling him on his cell phone. This caused the victim to fear that government agents were in his home to collect Taxes. The fraudsters also seem to target new Canadians as they are not as familiar with the Canadian tax or justice system.
The fraudster will direct the victim to pay their outstanding taxes by going to a store and purchasing a prepaid credit or gift card or by going to a money transfer business.  Once the fraudster has the details from the prepaid card or the money transfer has been sent, often out of Canada, the money is lost and cannot be recovered.

Tips to remember:

The Canada Revenue Agency has your identity information and will not use the phone to solicit it.
The CRA will never ask you to purchase gift cards or to attend a money transfer business.
If you do receive a phone call, contact the CRA, with a phone number that you look up, to confirm the details.
If you would like to learn more about tax scams or other types of fraud, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:
Protect yourself: never agree to requests for payment without researching the validity of the caller.        

Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) Job Opportunity- Project Director (Full Time)